Late Night News Roundup

Argh. It’s late, but like yesterday there are a fair few interesting things going on. For those of us who are into the soaps, Eastenders are apparently going to kill off Dot, Pauline and Ian. That’s quite a big risk, isn’t it? They’ve been in it for years! It kinda feels like a ratings grabber rather than a real plotline, to me.

What else…the man thought to be next in line for the papacy (probably sooner rather than later) has spoken out in favour of condom use, and has even suggested that he would soften the church’s line on abortion. That’s rather cool, which isn’t something I say about religious leaders very often 🙂

Couple of other things: the remaining Beatles (all 2 of them) are to re-form and go on tour using video footage of John and George. Can’t find any dates yet, but I’m going to have to go to that. Speaking of dead people, ex Monty-Python star Graham Chapman is to be exhumed after his wife revealed that his will stated he wished to be smoked after he was cremated – she apparently found it too upsetting at the time. Bizarre or what 🙂 I hope they televise it!

Must go to bed now. Night!