Make Poverty History

The Make Poverty History campaign is extremely important. Poverty isn’t necessary. We have enough food and drugs to go around. People needn’t starve to death any more. It’s fixable, and this year we can do a huge amount to achieve its eradication. Gordon Brown is working on removing the debts third-world countries are paying, the UK is hosting the G8 summit this July and Tony Blair has been seen wearing a Make Poverty History white band. If enough people make their voices heard than something can genuinely be done, and that’s what the Make Poverty History campaign is all about. I know you’ve heard it all before, but a campaign of this magnitude is almost unprecedented. This is the text of the latest mailing list email:


Tonight Make Poverty History is going to make television history.

At 19.58, across almost every TV channel, a short film featuring Brad Pitt, Bono, Cameron Diaz and many more famous faces, will show exactly why the opportunity we have this year to bring an end to poverty shouldn’t be wasted.

It’s called “Click” because in about the time it takes for you to click your fingers a person dies of extreme poverty. Dies, often, for want of medicine that you or I could buy over a counter at any chemist.

Do tell everyone you can to watch the launch of “Click” tonight – it’s a really remarkable film. If you can’t get to a TV you will be able to see it here after 20.00. Please forward this mail on to a group of your friends, and ask them to join us at too.

Thanks for your support. Together we really can make poverty history.


Please ask people to watch. If they haven’t heard of the campaign, this will tell them what they need to know. Also visit the website where you can email Tony Blair and your local MP directly. Please help jump-start what would be humanity’s most extraordinary achievement. Thank you.