Probably a Gamut

I had a rather fraught day yesterday, in hindsight. Here’re the various states I went through:

  • I was very happy when something rather pleasant happened. Don’t want to put it on the internet quite yet, but hopefully next week (nothing romantic, in case you were wondering 🙂 )
  • Cross when somebody was snotty with me for no good reason.
  • Lonely in the afternoon.
  • Sad when I found out SciScoop was shutting down.
  • Reminiscent when I was browsing Friends Reunited
  • Disappointed when I wasted an hour I could have spent working on Maths
  • Excited while watching 24. It was so nerve wracking I had to stand up and walk around the room!
  • Quizzical and surprised while watching CSI.
  • Worried about finishing work off today (went ok in the end)

So, yes. That was a busy day.