Friends Reuniting

I’ve only ventured onto FriendsReunited a couple of times before, and I don’t really know what drew me there today. I have no interest at all in letting most people from school have my contact details in an easily accessible place! Still, I found myself looking around the site, and it turned out that they list colleges as well as schools. I enjoyed college very much, so created an account and added myself to the SSFC list. Twas most interesting looking at everybody else’s profiles. People I knew are engaged to people with strange names, married, studying, working in far-flung locations…They’re all so grown up!

Now that I’ve got to the end of that paragraph, I realise that I have no point to make. So I shall fallacially (bloody well should be a word) conclude with:

And so, I’ll give her the biscuits back on the condition she never speaks of this again.