Yahoo buys Flickr

According to CNet News, Yahoo have bought out Flickr. Hummm. I don’t like this paragraph very much:

Stevens said Flickr will remain a standalone site for now. The company’s employees, however, will relocate to Sunnyvale later this year.

I really hope they don’t integrate it with their existing site. Yahoo’s always been something of a mess.

UPDATE: Apparently I needn’t worry. I particularly like this:

Are you going to become Yahoo Photos?

No. Yahoo Photos will get a lot of Flickr features, and there are alot of other areas around Yahoo that will also be Flickrized where Flickrization would be good. Yahoo Photos and Flickr have different kinds of users with different needs, and will remain separate for the foreseeable future. Flickr would also suffer from a sudden deluge of LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg! so we’re going to grow it carefully.