UK Web Comix Thing 2005

Nod and I set out on our London trip at 9:15 yesterday morning. First thing we came across in the train station was a man getting stroppy with the attendant. He was annoyed about his train being cancelled, and suggesting that a sign be put up outside the station. I’ve never really understood people who are ‘only trying to be helpful’ in a cross manner. They’re not at all, they just want to be cross. Anyway, we arrived in London perfectly on time and promptly headed over to Mile End for the UK Web Comix Thing 2005 (damned if I know how it’s meant to be written).

It was a busy little convention, as it turned out. 40 or so comics were in attendance, although I must admit to only having heard of Bunny, Little Gamers and Weeble and Bob (who, incidentally, were also behind Badger Badger), all of whom we met and chatted to. I’m not really up on the whole webcomics scene, but it was very interesting to see the people behind it all. They were just like you and me, really 🙂 Except able to draw…I find Bunny the most entertaining and I was happy to find that Lem seemed to be a cool guy.

Nod bought various items, including half the Bunny stock, and came away happy I think. I ummed and aahhed over a signed Bunny booklet for a few minutes (dunno why, they were a bargainous 50p) then went back to find they were sold out! We live and learn.

There was a ’24 minute comic’ competition while we were there, and it was very interesting to watch the various artists at work. Some did the entire comic themselves, but most that I saw had somebody to sketch the outline and another to actually line the drawings properly. Strange, that. I know that’s how ‘professional’ comic artists work too, so it’s obviously an effective method.

I found the comics on the whole to be fairly coarse, with a couple of notable exceptions. Bunny, LG and WB were definitely the most ‘mainstream’ of the comics there, which I think had a lot to do with quality of artwork, ability to spell and actually being amusing. There were a couple there that seemed to be based mainly around swearing and violence, and that alone. I don’t mind those two qualities providing they’re for a reason or for comedic intent, but I don’t find them entertaining on their own. But that could just be that I haven’t ‘got’ them yet, or just don’t have the right sense of humour! I bought one compilation (no need to mention The Goldfish Bowl specifically) which I read on the train home. Nod was rather amused at the series of ‘what the hell’s and ‘I don’t think this makes any sense’s that ensued. Still, it’s all interesting 🙂 I probably just need educating.

After leaving the convention we headed into London, but that’s another post.