It’s Friday!

Parcelforce are annoying me. The last three times I’ve ordered anything from Amazon, it’s been too heavy for standard post so has shipped Parcelforce.

Parcel no. 1: Didn’t turn up for three days. Parcelforce website said that it had been delivered and signed for. And said signature was a squiggle. Bit weird. It finally turned up when a neighbour brought it round, it having been left in her porch. Not signed for in the slightest, then.

Parcel no. 2: This was a present for somebody in London, so I had it posted straight there. He lives in a flat, and despite being ill at home all week, managed to ‘miss’ the three attempted deliveries the Parcelforce website claimed to have attempted. There’s no way he missed all three! He looked and looked for a missed parcel note, but nothing was there. Finally he arranged to have it shipped to his local post office, which never happened as it disappeared en route (the parcel, not the PO). Eventually, three weeks after ordering, they found it and managed to deliver it.

Parcel no. 3: Ordered and shipped on Monday. Arrived at Parcelforce depot on Tuesday, and was sent out for delivery on Wednesday. Then it arrived back at the depot for no apparent reason. Nothing happened on Thursday, but happily today it was again sent out for delivery. Nothing’s arrived, though. It’s annoying, as there are four copies of Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom meant to be arriving.

Entertainingly, the Parcelforce website currently says this:

The Parcelforce Worldwide website will be unavailable this weekend (Friday, March 18 to Sunday, March 20) while service improvements are carried out.

Well, yeah. I’m sure that Parcelforce aren’t entirely useless, but this is the third time in a row, to different addresses! It’s just aggravating. I emailed Amazon just to say that the delivery problems were making me less likely to order from them, although I could appreciate it’s not really their fault. I got a decent reply from them, actually:

Thank you for contacting with your comments about Parcelforce.

I am sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the service that you have received from us.

In order to improve our service, we have implemented a revised dispatch method that allows for some of our packages to be traceable and to have guaranteed delivery. Currently, packages weighing a certain amount or over a certain value are automatically upgraded to Parcelforce. Some of our customers prefer to have this service as their packages are traceable and have no risk of being left outside.

We are committed to delivering your order from the moment it is placed. This is the reason why we have provisions in place should problems occur at any stage. We take full responsibility should any item become lost or damaged while being delivered and we are more than happy to replace these items at a cost to ourselves.

We find the service offered by Parcelforce to be excellent and this is primarily the reason why we are using their services. The vast majority of our orders are usually delivered well within the expected delivery time, however, occasionally a package may be damaged or delayed, perhaps even lost during the delivery process. This is not a common occurrence but when it does happen, we take full responsibility and will endeavour to find a solution.

In addition to our large selection of goods, one of the benefits we’d like to offer our customers is convenience, and I realise that we have not met that standard in this case. I hope that you will give us another opportunity to prove the quality of our service to you in the future.

At the moment, we are not able to promise you that your future orders will not be dispatched by this method. However, the issues that you have mentioned will be forwarded to the appropriate department for
consideration. We truly value this kind of feedback, as it helps us continue to improve our website and provide a better service to our customers.

That’s the kind of customer service that I like 🙂 I’m glad my comments have been passed on; I’d imagine that Amazon have rather a lot of pull with Parcelforce, so if enough people complain something should get done. I hope my books turn up on Monday.