flickr Gallery

Just to say that I’ve set myself up a flickr gallery. I’ve been playing around with their site for a bit and am very impressed with their features. I’m not ditching the wongaGallery, but I’ll leave that as a group thing and use flickr for my personal photos from now on, I think. There’s unlimited space on their servers, so I can happily send my 3.5mb full-size images to them – very handy if my hard drive dies a spectacular death, and I can’t afford that much hosting space on the wongaGallery! I like their whole community ethos, as well as the post-via-email, rss feeds, easy photo editing and album creation, creative commons licenses, tags…just all of it, really 🙂

Update: So if anybody has a gallery of their own, or creates one, would you mind letting me know? I feel like billy-no-mates with nobody in my ‘Friends’ section!