Comic Relief Wrap-Up

Well, the day’s over now and I’m just heading upstairs to have a shower. The red hair spray is somewhat flaky and I’d awake in a sea of pink otherwise. My bathroom is in such a state 🙂 I think that tomorrow morning I’ll mention to Mum that it needs a clean, then I’ll run like hell.

I just watched most of the Comic Relief entertainment this evening and was impressed. It made me laugh frequently, although my heart breaks every time they show a film about the people who’re suffering. There was one clip in particular in which a girl lost her mother to aids, and was then cared for by a local charity. She was playing with the microphones and drawing and smiling. It was then revealed that the girl herself was HIV positive, and it was like somebody ripping my insides out. I’m so very glad that we all did something to help – I’m proud we managed to raise so much.

Final total: £210. Stonking. I donated £200 online this evening and will add the other tenner tomorrow. How great is that? £210 is enough money to build an entire house in parts of Africa, or aids drugs for dozens of children, or to provide days of cover for a phoneline that protects older people against abuse. It’s a superb amount of money to raise. Well done. And again, thank you.