Time Flies

I’ve been so busy working on the new page design / software that I’ve missed writing about all sorts. Like the new Doctor Who. I’m so excited about that programme! Or that in dancing tonight we started learning the jive! Excellent fun, that is, and extremely energetic.

I doubt I’m going to have time tomorrow (oop, today), though, as it’s Red Nose Day! My beard shall be turning red, and as we’ve made over £150 (bloody marvellous people, you are) my hair will be getting the same treatment. The current plan is that all updates will be via this website. There’ll be before / after photos, and I’ll take requests for places to go to have my photo taken (within reason!). I’d best be getting to bed or there’ll be large bags under my eyes, which would detract from the coolness of the redness, somewhat. Might put the ladies off, you know.