It’s Red Nose Day!

Astonishingly, the day has arrived already. This means that I’ve been growing this beard for five weeks! It’s not the flowing beard of fabled Wizards, but it’s, you know, something:

The Before Shot

Sorry, I should have warned you to lock up your daughters. They’d be scared, you see.

Yes, believe it or not, that’s 5 weeks growth. Sigh. I’m not really a proper man, am I. Still, the deed shall be done. Because we made over £150, the hair’s going red too. The plan is to dye it as red as is humanly possible with this:

The Dye

I originally attempted to get Megan to model it for you, but this happened:

My Model Rebels - 1

My Model Rebels - 2

So I gave up on that 🙂

Last time I attempted the dye my hair the results were a little disappointing – it’s just not that easy to make brown hair go red. I actually made it to the checkout with the peroxide to bleach it blonde first (the things I do for you) but then discovered that you’re not meant to dye bleached hair. That’s according to the box – seems odd to me, but whatever. So I also have the Comic Relief red hair spray for afterwards, if the results aren’t up to scratch. Thanks to Ben, Lynsey, Nod and Eleanor for their help with choice of dye etc!

The total currently stands at £175. I think we can break £200 by the end of the day…who’s with me?

Right, I’m off to start the process. The instructions say:

  1. Wash hair
  2. Apply mousse
  3. Spread mousse into hair
  4. Relax for 30mins
  5. Rinse well

So, barring any major accidents, it shouldn’t take too long.