We Are Go For Launch

Welcome to the new and vastly improved wongaBlog!

I’ve redesigned the entire site from scratch to make it much easier for me and much clearer and faster for you. There’s a load of funky stuff in the boxes to the right, and it just feels much more slick.

The bad news is that I’ve been forced to ditch the comments link into the wongaForum (see below for the programming explanation). It was neat but not terribly configurable, and did have various annoyances. Still, the blog has a brand new and much more robust commenting system which works in a very similar way. If you want you can create an account here on the blog (see link below right) but there’s no need. I know you need a fair few accounts for the various wonga pages already, but I’m afraid my programming skills aren’t quite up to integrating them all.

I’ve demoted the wongaComic from an ‘official’ wonga page because, as I thought may happen, I haven’t had the time to publish regularly.

There will probably be bugs and issues, so please let me know if you come across anything that’s wrong (there’s one in particular I’m really hoping is local to my computer, as it seems to have no cause I can see!). Please let me know what you think!

Various technical info follows for those who are interested.

I’ve changed blogging system from Movable Type to WordPress 1.5. WordPress loads all pages dynamically and has a fair few features that MT lacks. The system is much more friendly, although arguably not as polished. It’s brand spanking new (the coming-of-age 1.5 release was only in January) and is being continually updated. It’s also open-source and free.

Wordpess supports latex equations, inline spell checking (both via plugins) and more robust comment filtering. The template system is nothing like as easy to use as MT’s – there are no helpful tags so you need to write the code yourself – but this is outweighed by the advantages, imho.

The pages should all validate as proper XHTML. I had to remove the forum comments link as that required me to include, via php includes, various functions of the forum. Unfortunately WordPress has a duplicate function name which is required to load all pages, and there was no way around it without significant editing of the code of either system. I didn’t want to do this as it would make upgrades really tricky. I had to import all the comments from the forum *manually*. Oh, was that fun 🙂