Taking Exams

I’ve been getting a bit panicky about finding somewhere to take my exams. I’ve tried a fair few colleges all over Birmingham and haven’t had much luck – the only place that could potentially help was a nasty car journey away. Needs must, obviously, but I’ll be nervous enough about the exams without having to worry about the driving. Today, though, my wonderful father phoned Solihull School, who have said I can take the exams there no problem! I’d tried various private schools and none of them had been interested, but this doesn’t really explain why Solihull School just fell out of my brain. They can do my Edexcel syllabuses too, which is great. I don’t know about the physics practicals yet, but tbh I don’t mind having to go somewhere annoying just for those two exams. I have to go in and see them to confirm so it’s not all sorted yet, but this is looking absolutely ideal. It’s a huge weight off my mind!