Enterprise Entrepreneurs

As has been widely reported, the Trek United campaign to save Enterprise received $3 million in donations yesterday. Anonymous ‘investors in commercial space flight industry’ have contributed the cash because:

We think Star Trek and especially its latest incarnation, Enterprise is the kind of TV that should be aired more often. The people responsible at Paramount think this is just a show and we want to tell them, it is not. We are in the commercial space flight industry and would like to testify that at least one out of two of all the actual entrepreneurs involved in this industry has been inspired by Star Trek; and we are not only good at watching TV sci-fi , we are also good at writing checks, big checks. The people airing this kind of TV have a responsibility; inspiration.

And the nicely written Trek United mission statement:

Now we invite everyone here and the world around to pick up the gauntlet thrown down to us by the people with the power to make the show happen. For every child that grew up to be somebody special because of Star Trek. For every pessimist that grew to think the future might be a wondrous and brilliant destiny rather than a dismal and dark demise. For the knowledge that Star Trek is relevant to our society today and that the values it teaches have been transforming the heart of our world culture for years now.

Makes you proud to be a Star Trek fan 🙂