You’ve got to wonder what it’ll take for Martin Scorcese to get a Best Director oscar. I mean, the guy’s made Goodfellas, Casino, The Aviator, Taxi Driver, The Last Temptation of Christ and Raging Bull, and has been nominated five separate times. Has he done something I’m not aware of? The academy are weird in that way. For example, Jim Carrey never gets nominated, despite being nominated and winning various awards for performances in The Truman Show, Man on The Moon and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. They just don’t like him. Yet a couple of years back Roman Polanski won Best Director for The Pianist. Roman Polanski could not attend the ceremony because he can’t enter the USA without being arrested on underage sex charges. He skipped bail years ago and has been a wanted man ever since. I don’t think he can come into the UK either.

It’s an interesting issue. If a murderer made a stunning film, can this achievement be separated from the person? I don’t know. Some would argue that the work of finished art is all that matters; others would disagree. Personally I can see both sides of the argument, and flitter between the two benches in my head. I don’t really like that Roman Polanski wins awards personally, but, as ever, there’s the issue of where the line should be drawn. What crimes are severe enough to disqualify you from an oscar?

I’m glad Eternal Sunshine won Best Original Screenplay – I think that’s Charlie Kaufman’s second oscar. I haven’t seen Million Dollar Baby and am don’t want to, really. I just find the whole concept of boxing so repulsive that I doubt I’d be able to step back enough. Pathetic I know 🙂

Anyway, for my stupid moment of the day, see the comic.