I discovered a few days ago and it’s taken up excessive amounts of time since. There’s just so much interesting information to be found! The links spiral off in infinite pathways of fascination. My RSS feeds list has trebled and my bookmarks are quickly becoming a gelatinous morass requiring serious pruning and organisation beyond my meagre abilities. Just a few examples:

Podcasting. I’d head the word but nothing more. Turns out it’s really cool. It’s like an internet radio station, except that the shows are stored in mp3 form so that they’re accessible anytime and anywhere. iPodder and similar programs will automatically download new shows (by checking their RSS feeds) and place them directly onto your MP3 player. It’s not only wannabee presenters that are getting in on the act – the BBC have a couple of radio 4 shows available via podcasting and it’s turned out to be very popular. If they combine this with their excellent Radio Player (in which, for Radio 2 anyway, every single show is available for streaming) I’ll be a happy boy.

The Observer has a fascinating blog that provides insights into the inner workings of a newspaper.

Amazon is proving to be a powerful tool for independent publishers. Previously authors were forced to deal with large publishing houses or resort to the ‘vanity press’ – companies who publicise and publish your works for a fee. Amazon, however, will list anything with an ISBN and a barcode, and will handle all of the shipping etc. for you. It’s far cheaper and easier to have a printing house create a few hundred copies of your book, then ship them off to Amazon, than to handle all the requests yourself. Also, your work is far more likely to be discovered on Amazon. There’s a full guide here.

Damn it, there were things I had to do today.