The Big Comic Relief Sponsorship Event

Red Nose Day LogoRed Nose Day is coming! It’s two weeks this coming Friday, on March 11th. I’m sure you know what a good cause this is – hundreds of thousands of people the world over have been helped by Comic Relief since it started.

This year’s theme is ‘Big Hair’. Well, my hair doesn’t do well with any kind of styling. Within moments it collapses to its standard public-schoolboy-fathered-by-a-monk look. However, there are other options here (steady), and it is an alternative that comprises the Big Comic Relief Sponsorship Event.

I have for the past two weeks been cultivating a Gandalf-like beard. And, I tell you, these things itch. I’m going to continue not shaving until Red Nose Day when I will dye this veritable hedgerow red, and parade myself in public. I will supply photographic proof of this, naturally.

But if you think I’m doing this to myself for free, you’re very much mistaken. No, you don’t even get to see the results thus far until I get £20. And I want…no, in fact I demand…that over £100 is raised by the day itself. This is the Way Things Will Be.

£20 – photos of the current beard
£50 – weekly photographs of beard progress
£100 – dye is applied on Red Nose Day

Now I’m going to beg: Please, please, please sponsor me if you can. I don’t care how much; anything will help. Many people need help through no fault of their own, and anything you can spare will go straight to them. And you get to see me looking stupid with a beard. What more could you possibly desire πŸ™‚ So please. Please. You can sponsor me in various ways (in order of preference):

  • Transfer directly into my bank account. Unfortunately I’ve been advised not to put my bank account details online. I don’t know which bright spark invented a system where it’s not a good idea to give people information you need to give them, but whatever. So please email me if you want to do it this way. I prefer this method as it’s quick and easy if you have internet banking, and there are no handling charges.
  • NoChex payment link. NOCHEX allows you to sponsor me directly with any credit / debit card. It’s just like PayPal, and is as secure. It’s commonly used by UK eBay traders as their handling charges are lower than PayPal’s. If you like, you can add 2.6% + 20p to cover the charges, but I won’t hold it against you if you don’t!
  • Email me and pledge – I’ll chase you for it πŸ˜‰

No problem if you want to remain anonymous, but to encourage others I humbly request that you leave a comment (there’s no need to register an account). You’re all truly wonderful people.

I’ll update the total at the top of this page as often as I can. Please help. Thank you.