My First WoW Story

Whee, I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for the last 1.5hrs, and it was bloody great. The only disadvantage was that my office is colder than a snowman’s freezer, if he lived on the far side of pluto. In the winter. At night. So I’m sitting here wrapped in my duvet 🙂

I was chatting to another night elf hunter, and it turned out that we were both working on the same quest, so we formed a team. He was level 9 and I was level 10, and we fought a few Gnarlpines for a while, hoping to get through to their boss, whom we had to kill. We found him after a while, and he turned out to be level 12. A challenge, but just about do-able.

We’d figured out that the best tactics were to take them on with arrows for as long as possible, then I move in at close quaters while my teammate backs off and keeps on with the arrows. So we pile into the boss. I used as many concussion shots as possible to slow him down, and we got him to about 33% health before he was too close. So I run up to him, he clouts me round the head and my health promptly drops to hardly anything.

Me: Argh!
My teammate: RUN!!!

So we turned and legged it, but failed. We both got hit, died, and had to travel back across country to find our bodies. By which time all the minions had respawned. We had another go, but this time Mr Boss Gnarlpine brought a minion with him, and we couldn’t take on two of them. So we died again. So now we have a problem in that we have to come back to life in the middle of about 8 Gnarlpines. We manage to respawn and get back to full strength by hiding behind a rock, at which point we see another person coming. Great! She was level 12, and I invited her to join our team, which she did.

So now there are three of us. Oh yes, we were confident this time. So we start fighting, and just as we come to the corner around which the boss resides, I run out of arrows.

Me: Damn, I’m out of arrows. I’ll have to go close combat.
Team-mate: You want some of mine?
Me: That’d be cool, thanks.

So a trade window pops up, but I hit the wrong button and escape from it. So we try again, and I manage to transfer the arrows over. Great. At this point we look up, and our new teammate has killed the boss! On her own! Because we’re a team, we got a load of experience points, as well as the quest completion we wanted. Still felt like something of a cheat, though.

I decided that was a good point to leave, so said my goodbyes and logged off. Then realised I hadn’t traded anything back for the arrows. So I’ll have to post him something tomorrow. Yep, there’s an in-game postal service! It even costs money to send larger parcels 😉

Oh, and…Level 11. Oh yes.

Now I really must retire…night all!