A Sonnet

I fancied trying to write a sonnet this evening. Don’t know what I’ll think in the morning, but here you go, straight from Notepad šŸ™‚

And to the sound of drowning drums we sway
Three nights alive with oil and flame and lust
Our breaths in locked cathedrals handcuff play
Minor key of fate lost in twilight dust

Distant Mariachi block the sunrise
Chords vibrating beauteous denouement
Stanzas sink into grey, spin in their guise
Life’s worth of two transcribes a crawling font

Homesteads reaching and the concrete awaits
Tides stare backward and the hurricane swell
Dissolves to pristine brown, the cry abates
Age-old tales into heart’s quickening knell

But moments do linger, dreams too will ring
For wonder is brief, but memories sing