The Low (but with a Big W00t for the Police)

Rather a day of highs and low today. First, the low.

The Businesswanker issue came to a head this afternoon, when he turned up on the doorstep and wouldn’t go away. If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll know that we don’t want to talk to him as he’s so very rude. He’s been asked to put everything in writing, but apparently isn’t of a mind to do so. He parked over the drive and was shouting and knocking and peering through windows. We told him (politely) to please leave, but he didn’t and wouldn’t. We informed him that we weren’t going to speak to him, but that didn’t help. He was standing in the porch getting louder and louder and more and more unpleasant. He also started phoning the office repeatedly.

To make things worse, we had somebody here who needed to leave, but understandably didn’t want to walk to their car with him around. So we called the police for advice, and they said it was unreasonable behaviour and that they’d send somebody over. Jane’s boyfriend arrived and got hassled by this guy too. I was glad he arrived, actually, as firstly he’s larger and more imposing than me, and secondly it was great to have someone not associated with the business around. I was shaking – it was a pretty nasty situation.

Eventually, and before the police arrived, he left. He kept ringing, though. The police knocked on the door a bit later and we explained everything. The officers agreed that he shouldn’t behave like that, and went around to his house. He’s been warned not to come around again, and told to put everything in writing.

So with a bit of luck, that’s put an end to that. Wasn’t a very nice experience, but at least it’s been sorted out.

And, I have to say, the police rock.