Redness Redness Everywhere

Happy Valentine’s Day one and all!

As I said yesterday, I sent a card. I joined ‘Operation Spread the Love’ – an inspired Joinee idea intended to make sure that every Joinee feels wanted 🙂 Anyone who wanted to take part had to email their details, which were then matched up with an appropriate partner and addresses sent out. Unfortunately I didn’t receive anything 🙁 Even Joinee volunteers didn’t want to send a card once they knew it was me, apparently. There’s still time for a van load of flowers, chocolates and bunnies to arrive, mind, so I’m not giving up hope just yet…If all else fails, though, online dating is apparently quite good.

Here’s a little poem for the singletons amongst us:

Lovers on the radio
send thoughts and dedications.
Friends are delivered roses
and hand-crafted red creations.

The tulips aren’t so pretty,
and chocolate tastes less sweet.
As you check the evening’s telly,
lonely lambs in fields do bleat.

(shut up, I’m making this up as I go)

Things may seem dull and grey today
and you feel bereft and clunky.
There’s no need, the world’s a happy place!
It has boomerangs and monkeys!

Today may not bring an angel,
but enjoy it all the same.
Treat yourself to some marshmellows;
find friends and play board games!

So have the bestest day today,
don’t sink in gloom or sorrow.
For we’re still young, the world still spins,
and there’s always tomorrow.