Go Google

According to this article, Google have offered to host wikipedia! I really hope the wiki team accept, as the main problem with their site is the speed. I can see that they may not want to be attached to a particular company, but you have to host *somewhere*, and I doubt donations are enough to cover the costs of running their own server farm with leased line etc.

Google keep doing things that I consider rather cool. A couple of weeks back they introducted the ‘nofollow‘ HTML tag to deal with the problem of comment spam. It’s a property of an HTML link that causes Google not to follow the link during their indexing of the web, which means that the linked site won’t appear in search results so highly, so there’s much less incentive to do it in the first place. When you think about it, that’s a very brave move. Google’s entire business is based upon their search results being the best, and to introduce something that deliberately breaks that is ballsy.

My only niggle with Google is that they don’t like Opera very much. Both Gmail and Google Maps use non-standard code (introduced by IE). Firefox supports this, but Opera have always stuck by their conform-perfectly-to-the-standards motto and are having to play catchup. Gmail support is just about there, but the maps don’t work at all.