Info at Hand

Down to Earth is on in the lounge, and I had to escape. I just had to. I can’t cope with that programme.

Somehow it’s sunday evening again. Anyone know how that happened? Me either.

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow! I did send a card, and I will receive a card, but it’s not like you think; I’ll explain tomorrow. This is the first time in many years that I haven’t sent a card properly. Am not moping – for some reason I’m not at all worried about tomorrow – that’s just a comment 🙂

I’ve been meaning to write about a few things for ages. I noticed last week that google‘s word definition links no longer point you to, but rather As it turns out it’s a very cool site. Type anything into their search box and they quickly return results from the major online dictionaries, wikipedia, online who’s whos, book lists, links to other articles in which the term is mentioned and links to google searches, all neatly organised and easy to read. I’ve added a search box to Opera and find I’m using it more than Google! That’s mainly because my searches are generally for specific things rather than more standard search terms. If I want to know which song has ‘how about extra large’ in the lyrics then Google is obviously the best bet, but if I want to find out information about The Barefoot Man himself, then I’d probably try first. It’s coming in very handy for physics and maths topics. It’s worth a look, I think.