The Wrong Kind of Lead

Some days you don’t get much done. Fields in physics and spltting up fractions in Pure 3 have done their damndest to nuke me, but I have risen above it. Was grumpy for a short while, but am better now 🙂

I have just discovered five Keane tracks on iTunes that I haven’t heard, so they’re downloading as I type. I’d forgotten that singles often contain songs not on the albums. Also I notice that Katie Melua‘s album is now available, so you should all go download that.

I haven’t had any interesting emails for AGES. Please email me something! Even if it’s just ‘ooh, look at all the pretty balloons’. Or a picture that makes you laugh. Or some music. Or anything!

Last night was fun. We had a quiz (which, ahem, I won) and organised a book club which begins next week.

Megan has taken to stealing pencils. She looks very sweet dashing off with them sticking out of her mouth, but if we don’t chase her I’m fairly sure she’d destroy them. I’ll try to put a picture up tomorrow so you can see how much she’s grown in only two weeks.

Off dancing tonight. I’ve decided that trainers are the way to go; the cowboy boots may not be terribly practical! I’m a lttle nervous about it – you know I’m not that great amongst people I don’t know – but hopefully it’ll be fun. Hope I’m not meant to wear a suit…