I’m Going To Be Late Now And It’s All Your Fault

Own up then, who’s broken MSN? Hmmm? Hmm? I may have to find ICQ, if it’s installed…

Lynsey and Ben have added stonking amounts to the wiki this weekend, and I’m told it’s now turning up in Google, which is entertaining 🙂 I’m sure that if we club together we can add vast amounts to the Freaky Frazes page…

Off to see Elektra shortly. Hopefully t’will be entertaining.

I spent hours and hours this weekend getting MTAmazon and BookQueueToo working on my blog. The amount of time I spent on it was completely ridiculous, as there was no real need. I can now add books I’ve recently read to a list in the admin menu, and they’ll automatically appear on the blogroll. It links straight into Amazon and grabs the images and other product details automatically. That’s it. Worth the amount of effort I put in? Probably not.

However, once they approve my associate ID request I’ll be able to earn money off any click-thrus. Wooohoo. All this great functionality comes from the Amazon web services, which basically consists of sending a specially formulated command to get an XML page back with oodles of data regarding the product(s) in question. The problem was that both MTAmazon and BookQueueToo were written for Amazon Web Services 3, which has recently been overhauled to version 4, and isn’t backwards compatible. Version 4 is a lot better structured and makes more sense from a design point of view, however they’ve kept version 3 running because of all the existing applications that use it. Despite this, and despite my complete lack of any experience at all with Perl, I decided that a good thing to do would be to modify them for version 4. So I did. It took forever. And I swore a lot. It’s what you would charitably call a hack job, but it works. What happens when new versions of MTAmazon/BookQueueToo come out I don’t know.

Why’s nobody on ICQ? Have you all got better things to do or something? Wait. Silly question.