It’s Friday!

Yes and [Yes]. Thanks for asking. That’s cheered me right up.

I’ve finally finished the Pure 2 trigonometry chapter! It took two days longer than I’d hoped, which means I’ll be working on exponentials and logarithms this weekend. I remember them being fairly easy, so with a bit of luck it’ll get done quickly.

Well, now I can’t think of anything else to type. You know what may help? Bullet points!

  • I’m hungry.
  • My sister’s getting a puppy tomorrow. She’s very brave, as her house has, you know, furniture.
  • Earlier I was flicking through ‘Dorridge Life’ – a free magazine containing adverts for local firms – and saw a full page spread advertising [a certain web design company]. Their advert says they can help with:
    • from new websites to revitalising old ones
    • from information control to document management
    • from communications strategies to electronic business
  • Wow, those last two sentences are pretty much perfect examples of BusinessWank!
  • I’m currently listening to an Oasis song. Is that wrong?
  • It may snow tonight. Woohoo! Snowman snowman snowman. If I’m not able to build a snowman tomorrow I will be found sobbing in a cupboard.