The Bobby Darin Song

I fell in love in a dream last night, and woke up all happy. It’s interesting that that can happen. I suppose if you can experience abject terror in dreams there’s no reason that the other end of the scale would be excluded. It doesn’t seem to happen as often though. In hindsight, the woman in question bore more than a passing similarity to Natalie Portman’s character in Closer, which I saw last night. I think her name was even Anna. I have no recollection as to what she looked like, but I remember the personality clearly. My subsonscious obviously liked her a lot! She was the daughter of someone I won’t name, and I seem to recall that Ben was there and very bemused at my complete head-over-heels-ness (my english teacher would be so proud). And no, it wasn’t that kind of dream.

I’ve been feeling particularly happy over the last week, which makes a pleasant change. Actually happy as opposed to not sad. So that’s good. Maybe that affects what I’m dreaming about. At some point I’ll have to decide I’m ready to start meeting women again; maybe that’s what my brain is trying to tell me. Or perhaps that’s just pop-psychological kak. It was just a dream, after all.