IPSTAG – More like IPD’OH

This morning Ben alterted me to a problem with my website – it was looking at the old IP address on his system. We figured it was simply the Oxford DNS servers having had a backup restored or something. Then the same thing happened to Nod, and a quick whois check showed that my old hosts had set the nameservers back to them!

I figure this is because of the UK IPSTAG system. Every UK domain has an IPSTAG and every hosting company registers their name as a TAG entry. Whichever company name is in the IPSTAG controls the nameservers. So, if you want to move hosts, your current host simply change the IPSTAG to the name of the new host, who can then go in and change the nameservers to point to themselves. My new hosts are in the US, however, which doesn’t have such a system, so Web-Mania, my current hosts, simply changed the nameservers to the new values. The problem is that the IPSTAG is still in Web-Mania’s name, so they can conceivably change the nameservers to whatever they like, and have. I wonder if it’s an automated system or something.

Sigh. Anyway, wongaWiki will probably not work right for then next 24-48 hours (limitation of the engine) until the domain changes go through *again*. wongaForum and wongaBlog should still be pretty much unaffected. If you’re desperate for the wiki then add the IP address to your hosts file under ‘wandwaver.co.uk’ (no www) and that’ll solve it.

(did you see what I did in the title? I’m so proud of myself)