Getting Through Books, Mind

I’m so useless when it comes to sleep, these days. It took me two weeks to get over my US jet lag. Two weeks. I was just lying there until 03:00 every night, waiting to get tired. Then I’d get up at 08:00, be knackered and grumpy all day, still not get to sleep until 03:00, then wake up the next morning thinking ‘screw this’ and stay in bed until 11:00, which didn’t help at all. My sleep patterns are similarly disrupted at the moment. You know why? New Year’s Eve. I mean, really. I was up until 03:00, and I still haven’t gotten over it. What’s wrong with me? Do I not have any willpower at all? Why can’t I just get up at 07:00 a few days in a row? That’d fix it! Oh well, it’s Badminton tomorrow today (ah, crap). Hopefully that’ll tire me out. Why am I still up now? Because, unfortunately, going to sleep isn’t a matter of willpower. It *just*doesn’t*work*.

Hey, you know what’d fix it? A trip to New York for a few days. That’d work. I think. Buy me that, someone.