Ghosts of the Past

Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley is number one in the charts. Not even a remix; it’s the original single. I like that 🙂

I just watched a documentary about the Beach Boys. Their whole story (all forty years of it) is one massive, powerful, incredibly potent message against taking drugs. Brian Wilson still to this day hears voices in his head telling him he’s going to be murdered. You hear the argument that it’s worth taking drugs to produce new kinds of art, but that program would convince you otherwise. Blimey.

Coronation Street pulled a little scene out of the bag earlier that was quite remarkable. A small subplot involving Roy dealing with a bullying builder suddenly became extremely moving. Roy’s lapse into being aggressive against those around him was very well handled and his confiding in Hayley about his experiences at school was well acted, scripted and perfectly timed. It wasn’t over the top or schmaltzy, and you really felt for him. Maybe it’s because I empathise somewhat with Roy generally – his line about ‘you know I can’t do conversation’ struck home 🙂 – but I thought there was more to it than just me reacting. It’s nice when programmes surprise you.