New Hotness

Welcome to the new and improved wongaBlog!

I’ve made various major changes, moving in the direction of expaning the wonga banner into other areas. The largest by far is the commenting system, which I’ve completely revamped. With the help of the excellent fluffy guide, as well as numerous modifications of my own, I’ve linked the commenting into a phpBB-powered wongaForum.

Clicking the comment links below will take you to a thread regarding this post on the forum. Any comments you make on the forum will still be posted below the article, and it should still link in with any old comments. I’m going to *try* letting anyone post to that particular forum, although creating an account obviously has advantages. If I get spammed, though, I’m making it registered-users only. This should please those of you (Simon) who refused to get a typekey account! I’m totally fed up of playing around with CSS to get it to look neat for today, so there are a couple of extra spaces where there shouldn’t be.

The wongaForum is also a replacement for the old Ballistic Forum, which has bitten the dust. All your favourite old categories are there, as well as a few new ones. I did try to copy over the users from Ballistic Forum, but it just wasn’t do-able I’m afraid. The old system ran off an access database whereas this uses mySQL, and they don’t get on terribly well. Sorry about that.

I have more plans, but this took me six hours so I’m having a rest for a while now! If you find any problems, please post them into the appropriate section on the forum.

EDIT: Some pictures won’t work until the DNS entries get updated, hopefully that won’t be too long.