Andrew’s FTP Adventures

Since I now have a new web host, I need to transfer my files to it. You’d think this would be an easy task, but as it turns out I may as well have tried to edit the pope. And it’s all the fault of pants FTP programs from hell that deserve to be deleted, deleted again, the hard drive thrown away and burnt in an incinerator and the ashes put on a spacecraft and shot into the sun. It’s possible than in ten minutes time this won’t seem like such a big deal. Now, however, it does, and I’m typing now, so there.

WS_FTP LE: Old, but good. Works fine, as long as you don’t want to delete directories containing files. However, a bit outdated now, so I went in search of something new…

WS_FTP Home: Updated version of above program. Looks nice. However, there’s no manual option to select ASCII or Binary uploads. It just has a list of file extensions that it’ll use ASCII mode with. I have a load of files of many different types that I know need to be uploaded in ASCII. Can’t be bothered to manually add twenty or so extensions to the list, so went in search of something else (thinking it’d be quicker. Hah). Oh, and on closing the program it crashed. So that helped.

CuteFTP: I know this has been around for years, too. Should work. Again, first impressions are good. An option to switch between ASCII and Binary! Coolness. It connected to swanky new webserver without a problem. So I started navigating to the files I want to upload. I double-clicked on ‘My Documents’. Program paused for 6 seconds. Double-clicked on ‘Andrew’ directory. Program paused for 6 seconds. My website config files are seriously nested, and the pause got more and more annoying each time. So nope. Onto another…

FileZilla: Had problems with this before, but I decided give it one more chance. Open source and all that. The problems were likely caused by my old hosts, anyway. There’s an ASCII / Binary option, although you do have to click about 4 times to get to it. Still, it’s better than before. Navigating to folders works without feeling the need to spend a month thinking about it. Good good good. So, I upload all my files. Takes a while, as you’d expect. I then logged in and attempted to run the setup program to get it all working behind-the-scenes. Setup program dies. Crap. Thankfully, my excellent new web hosts have a utility to let you view the error logs! So I looked, and discovered the problem was with a particular file. On closer inspection, it turned out that this file *had swapped names wih the other file in the directory*. I’ll say that again: the filenames had swapped. Now I have to delete everything and start again. Evil, evil, evil, evil FTP program.

So, I’m going back to WS_FTP LE.