I Hate Spyware

I hate spyware. It’s horrible. It’s the way that they don’t even work properly that gets me. Little programs sitting there firing off statistics are one thing, but that they are capable of breaking computers is nuts. I’ve seen Kazaa kill at least two windows installations. And they invite in trojans. And slow everything down. And pop up porn banners. And delete things. It Just Sucks. Spyware is now much more annoying than both viruses (virii?) and spam, in my opinion.

So if this works properly, it’ll be great: Microsoft are due to release a spyware removal tool before too long. I don’t know how they plan to implement it, but if it eventually becomes a ‘critical’ download and is easy to use it’ll solve a hell of a lot of problems. In fact, when I was working I would estimate that 75% of the PCs I looked at had spyware of some kind on there (not just cookies). It’s not an easy thing to kill off, either. If you miss even one program it’ll invite its mates in within days and you’re back to square one. Good move, MS. Bring it on.