Secular Humanity

I’ve kept my mouth shut about this until now, as it’s not very pleasant. However, I have to say something about the BBC website page quoting the tsunami responses of various religious representatives. The hindu, buddhist and muslim responses are so completely offensive it’s hard to know what to write. The hindus and buddhists suggest obliquely that the reason the people died was due to their lack of karma. So, effectively, they were all bad people and needed to die. The muslim statement says that this is the “will of God Almighty. Allah knows best.” Or, you know, not. The christian and muslim quotes are the religious equivalent of “I’m sorry sir, that’s company policy.”

Don’t come at me with ‘god knows best’ when over 150,000 people have died. Don’t come at me with ‘god moves in mysterious ways’ when disease is threatening to kill as many again. As the atheist says, man is the only hope for man. We are rising to the challenge. The charity effort is unparalleled in history. Science can’t currently predict earthquakes with any reliability, but we’re working on it. I can’t say we’ll get there, but we’re trying. There is no comfort here, no deus ex machina that’s going to make everything ok. People died, that’s how it is. But the response is as beautiful as the event was horrific. All we can do is try our damndest to fix things, and work on trying to stop it happening again. Don’t come at me with insulting, bigoted, nonsensical, blinkered fascism. Look at what’s happening. Don’t hide behind comforting words. Stop trying to wreck things further. Help. Be human.