Forty Minutes in the Life of Me

Still full of the festive phlegm here. Thought I might try a day without Lemsip, but, quite frankly, screw that.

[goes to boil the kettle]

I’m back. I had an adventure. I was sitting at my desk with my legs crossed, and unbeknownst to me my stupid lazy right foot fell asleep. So when I stood up it didn’t work. It fell over, and I went too. Right in the middle of the office. Splat. Did I get any sympathy? Ha.

[goes [carefully] to pour hot water onto lovely Lemsip]

I’m back again. No accidents this time.

[stirs Lemsip]
[sips Lemsip]
[relaxes into chair]

Anyone else watch Pride last night? Good stuff, I enjoyed it a lot.

[chooses music from playlist]

Played some more Half-Life 2 yesterday. Mum and Dad + guests could hear me yelling from the lounge, apparently. Heh. Shouting actually helped, I think.

[listens to Jeff Buckley’s ‘Hallelujah’ and cries a little]
[it’s such a sad song]
[shut up]

I sent out christmas cards to as many Joinees as I could last week, and was chuffed to find a message on the Joinee forum directed towards me specifically 🙂

Updated the layout of this website slightly earlier. Cleared out a few dead links etc. Let me know if you notice any problems, please.

I had a dream last night that people were having babies and not telling me. Please tell me if you have babies.

I’m well aware that millions have it far worse, but look what happened to the Barefoot Man!