I haven’t had a cold like this for years. Despite being dosed up on Lemsip, I still feel pretty awful. If you live within five miles of me, I’d consider evacuation. To make things even better, our office server just died and now can’t find ntoskrnl.exe, which is great. Although, to be fair to the server, it picked the perfect time to die. There aren’t many times in the year that I could take it offline for multiple days without anybody caring. I just wish I could concentrate properly! Case in point: after plugging the hard drive into Jane’s computer, I created a backup folder to copy all the data into, then promptly doubled clicked on the time to find out the date. So I think I may leave trying to fix it until tomorrow!

Hope everyone had a fun christmas day. I’m going to go collapse with a graphic novel, I think. Or just collapse. One or the other.