Happy Holidays!

As I think I mentioned twelve months ago, christmas eve is my favourite day of the year. Everything’s just so very happy. If only I weren’t within millimetres of death.

I may be exaggerating slightly.

I have a cold. As is commonly known, men have far worse colds than women, so any derisory comments from that particular half of the population will be ignored. You just don’t understand. I now have a nice jar to donate to the local mucus-transfusion ward.

Many thanks to the various people who’ve dropped off presents for me! They’re very much appreciated.

To continue the (not really a) tradition started last year, here’s a short story for you. It was written a while back, and I won’t vouch for the quality!

I may post later…or I may not. If not, I wish you all an excellent day tomorrow along with many exciting presents, kisses under the mistletoe and a complete lack of brussel sprouts.