We’re Not Weird

It has occurred to me that my post yesterday was perhaps a little deficient. It may have left you with the impression that Join Me actually. is. a. cult.

Well, it is, if you want to be pedantic about it. But not in a creepy Heaven’s-Gate-Michael-Jackson kind of way. Noooo. It’s Just Nice.

If I told you that The Leader – Danny Wallace – was the other half of the Are You Dave Gorman? duo, would that help? He’s a BBC producer. And a presenter. He’s just a guy who had an idea. He’s a normal person, not a nut. It’s not an obsession. We’re not all waiting for the Joinee Day of Redemption When Venusians Rise From Their Burrows Inside The Earth And Bake Us Cookies.

It’s not a cult. It’s a collective.

Join Me.