Join Me!

As a Joinee for the last couple of months, I have been lax in my duties. I am now attempting to rectify this.

  • Become a soldier in the Karma Army!
  • Perform Random Acts of Kindness each and every Friday!
  • Warm those cockles!
  • Evangelise to friends and family!
  • Make strangers very happy!
  • Take part in Join Meets!
  • Make friends with other Joinees!
  • Join a collective with members worldwide!

Join Me!

What is Join Me? Well, the full explanation is here. A shorter one here. And here’s mine:

In 2000, a man named Danny Wallace (The Leader) placed a free advert in a small London paper. It simply said ‘Join Me’, and provided an address to send a passport photo to (argh – grammar police go go go!). 4000 photos later, after a massive word-of-mouth movement, people started to demand to know what they had joined. Then, in a moment of pure Genius, Join Me properly began. Joinees now, as set down in Scripture, perform Random Acts of Kindness for Strangers, each and every Friday. We buy flowers for people on the street. We send Christmas cards to random addresses. We carry shopping for old people. And young people. We don’t discriminate. We leave cakes on doorsteps. We smile happily at passers-by. We evangelise like we have nothing else to do.

We are Joinees.

You should Join too. All you need to do is send a passport photo to:

PO BOX 33561
E3 2YW

They’re swamped with photos atm, so you should probably fill in the Official Questionnaire and post that along with your photo. Then that’s it! You’re a Joinee! No need to wait for confirmation or anything, you can begin doing Acts Worthy of Joinees.

So pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease Join. Pleeeeeeeeeeease. If you’re a friend, chances are you’ve received an invitation to the First Group Join Meet this Wednesday in Solihull. I hope enough people will be able to come. Anyone, in fact. It’ll be great. Think how Christmassy you’ll feel. Family members will be able to warm themselves by your cockles. Pleeeeeeeeeeease come. I have a whole plan for the day arranged. We’re going to make as many strangers happy as possible, after signing up all the uninitiated as Joinees. We’re also going to help out a Joinee in need.

Join Me. You know you want to.

I've Joined, Why Don't You?

Join Me.