Digital Festoonage!

What is TB weekend? The suspense is over…

TwinkleBulbs!!!! I love TwinkleBulbs. It’s great! Happy festive cheer for the computer! Every computer in our office is now festooned. That word rocks so very much. Festoonage! Festoonification! Festoonaboggan! Festoonanana! Festoonoramadingdongmerrilyonhighajoopjooptassleflipper!

Features of TwinkleBulbs:

  • Bulbs on the desktop / always on top / in their own little taskbar! Many (over 200) different bulb sets! Sure, some are boring flags, but most are much more jolly. They can go all around the screen, too. A timer will change them every x minutes if you like, too. They flash! In many different colours!
  • Happy Christmassy screensaver! It snows onto a snowman and a christmas tree while Santa flies overhead and the aforemention bulbs twinkle merrily.
  • Jolly festive music! Many carol midis cycle as you work.
  • Wallpapers!
  • An advent calendar!
  • Build your own bulbs!
  • Guaranteed to cheer you up on cold winter mornings!
  • Does the ironing!

and much much more. So go get it. Now now now. I know that Ben particularly is addicted to TwinkleBulbs. In fact it was he who insisted I write a full review and spread the word. I don’t apologise at all for spreading the Goodness that is TwinkleBulbs. If you’d like an apology, may I direct you here.