Entertainment of the Highest Order

Unfortunately I was otherwise engaged for the second half of Strictly Come Dancing last night, but I just caught it on the TiVo. I completely cut off all communication with the outside world from 9 onwards last night, so if you were stuck down a pit and calling for help – I’ll be leaving shortly.

Jill won! Wooooooo! Deservedly so, too. She’s completely forgiven for being the Most Annoying Coronation Street Character Ever a few years back 🙂 On the 22nd December there’s a special with the top three from both series* going head to head. Should be great – will be all Christmassy 🙂 Natasha versus Jill should be wonderful to watch, although Natasha never got 40/40. I still can’t believe that. UPDATE: According to this neither Julian Clary for Christopher Parker will be in the Christmas special. An excellent idea imho, although I don’t know where that information’s from…

I want to dance! In the new year I’m going to find a class and join. Yep yep yep. I probably have less rhythm than a geriatric penguin, but I don’t care! UPDATE: Hmmmm – don’t think it’s for complete beginners, though.

*apostrophe after the s? ‘series’ is a plural, isn’t it?