In Front of Millions…

Final round of Weakest Link:

What phrase means both ‘a verbal blunder’ and ‘to let fall a stuffed woollen mouse’?

They got it, too 🙂 Click below for the answer.

According to Terry Wogan, this week on “Beg, Borrow or Steal” – a gameshow in which you can ‘buy’ answers from other players if you don’t know yourself – the question was something like ‘Which animal no longer can be found in Ireland?’. Nobody knew the answer except one player who sold her answer to all the other players. She told them: ‘snakes’. When she gave her answer, she said ‘rats’. This is perfectly legitimate – you can lie to the other players if you want. However when asked as to her reasoning she said that she ‘knew it was rats because she remembered about the man who played his pipe and led them all out of the town’. The correct answer was…snakes.

To drop a clanger