I like to say ‘Tunes’. Tuuuuuuuuunes. Like that, I say. Tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunes.

I think I’m turning into Nod.

As predicted, I haven’t been able to resist the lure that is iTunes. The conversation in my head goes something like this:

I don’t need to buy any music right now. I can’t even think of anything I’d like to download.
   Lookathat! That Scissor-Sisters-with-Kylie song for only 79p!
You don’t need that.
   No. It’s quite nice, though. I think I’ll play the free 30-second preview.
No, don’t do that. You’ll just want it.
   I won’t. I have self control.
   [listens to 30 second preview]
   I quite like that. I’ll buy it.
   [clicks buy]
WHAT KIND OF A MUPPETRY ARE YOU?!!?! Good song, tho.

This is how I’ve purchased 5 songs since Monday. Some, I haven’t.

Thing is, though, 79p is sooooo very very cheap that it’d be easy to say something like: “I’ll just get one song a day.” Bad plan. Here comes the maths:

1 week = £5.33
1 month = £21.32
1 year = £288.35
1 decade = £2,883.50
1 century = £28,835
Recorded age of universe thus far = £395,039,500,000,000

And who’s got that kind of money!?