I See No Witches

Up late repairing broken virus scanners. Thought I was done when I discovered the most recent definitions were from March ’03. ‘Netsky’ doesn’t even appear in the list. I’d best fix this before the morning, or someone’ll only open an email or something! LiveUpdate isn’t even looking for new definitions at the moment, and I really can’t figure out why…

I’ve also completely changed the mail server software on our office server. I used to use the freeware Mercury, however it’s been becoming more and more sluggish as the number of emails creeps into the thousands. Not a big surprise, it’s not designed to handle that much! I’m trying out a 30-day evaluation of Kerio MailServer. It seems quite good, although neither of my 2 virus scanners will integrate natively with it. It’s a bit pricey too, so we’ll see whether anyone notices any difference!

Wow, my eyes are going foggy. I really must be tired. Best time to be working on computers, this is.

The Half-Life 2 stuttering patch came out last night, but sadly it hasn’t made any difference for me 🙁 I hope it gets sorted soon, I really want to play!