Good Morning

I’m still back.

Two weeks have gone by! All sorts of things have happened:

  • Fox hunting got banned! Wooooo. They’re apparently planning a campaign of ‘civil disobedience’. Sure, that’ll win you public sympathy. Not at all pathetic there, guys.
  • Boris Johnson was sacked. Hands up who knew he was even in the shadow cabinet? I like Boris because I quite often mistype his name as Biros. However he apparently had an affair, which means he ranks only just above wasps on the Johnny Vaughn scale of annoying.
  • I bought an Asus 6800GT graphics card, along with a copy of Half-Life 2. I was excited 🙂 Unfortunately I’m suffering from the stuttering problem which spoilt it somewhat, so I’ve stopped playing until that’s fixed. Hopefully it won’t take too long. I’d recommend you don’t hang around in the steam forums, btw, as I’ve seen a couple of spoilers I wish I hadn’t 🙁 People do put major plot points in the post titles, and although the moderators stomp on them pretty quickly there’s often something.
  • My friend Helen was on TV. That’s yet another famous person I know! I’m an IT guy. Heh. See what I did there? Yeah.
  • I found out that Katie Melua is the best selling UK artist of 2004. Cool or what. That’s entirely due to my blog post of last year pushing her album, I think. Maybe a bit of help from Terry Wogan.
  • Argh, I’ve just discovered that all the old posts have lost their paragraph breaks. Sigh. I’ll try to fix that later.
  • I’m HUNGRY! I haven’t had any breakfast!