Go Kerry

It’s US Election Day, which for part-time political junkies like me is quite exciting. Personally, I’m hoping for a Kerry win. I don’t like christian doctrine dictating national policies, which seems to have happened a fair bit in the last four years. For example: stopping stem-cell research; giving federal aid only to high-school sex ed lessons that push only abstinence and nothing else; advocating constitutional amendments banning gay marriage. That all seems to be going in the wrong direction, to me. I don’t like republican anti-gay, pro-gun, anti-abortion and pro-death-penalty policies. I don’t like drilling for oil in national parks. I don’t like the banning of the word ‘evolution’ in biology textbooks. I don’t think small government works as well as large government. I’m not totally liberal (banning smoking in public places and enforcing drug laws = coolness) but am a fair bit more so than the current administration, I think.

So there, that little tirade will make all the difference, I’m sure šŸ™‚ If you’d like to see how the ‘various’ (like Nader’s going to win) candidates stack up in terms of policies, see here. I’ll try to post something about the frankly bizarre electoral college system and the possiblity of a republican president and democrat vice-president later, if I get a chance.

Go Kerry.