A Tube of Linkage

I’m back.

And tonight I keep coming across interesting links…For example, the always fascinating duck-billed platypus has, it seems, ten chromosomes that decide their gender. XXXXXXXXXX makes a female, XYXYXYXYXY a male. I like that. I also quite like this forum post. I don’t like so much that John Peel died at 65; he always seemed pretty cool. I’m reading this and it’s hard to believe that such actions could even be attempted in a modern election – I don’t really see why it isn’t a much larger story. More in the news is the hunting ban that has again been rejected by the House of Lords (push it through using the Parliament act, I say). A little further away, the Cassini spacecraft has just made a close pass of Titan, which will hopefully produce the best images yet. Titan’s a huge mystery and there are no photographs of surface detail as yet (well, unless you count this), so this will undoubtedly greatly aid understanding. Speaking of all things in space, have you ever seen the moon look larger on the horizon than it does in the sky? If, like me, you’ve heard and believed that this is because the atmosphere acts as a lens, you’d be wrong…And while we’re mentioning articles that will completely change your outlook on things, this has to be read to be believed. I’ve been interesting in neural networks since reading How The Mind Works, but had no idea that they were so advanced! And to finish off there’s the always guaranteed-to-cheer-me-up penguins.

Oh yeah, as Ed pointed out, Nod wants you to look at his wishlist, because Christmas is closing in fast…