It’s Friday!

Before you start reading, go here. Then here. And here, too. I was just looking at my website statistics, and spotted an interesting little trend…It appears that my lollipop picture has a little cult following. I’ve got lots of referrals from assorted forums and personal websites. It turns out that my picture appears in the first 30 or so results in a google images search for ‘lollipop’. I’d highly recommend that you not try this out for yourself without google’s Safesearch enabled, though, as some of the other results are, well, gross. So that was an interesting discovery.

We’re not talking about Astronomy exams, btw.

This is what the US PC Gamer magazine has to say about Half-Life 2:

“Half-Life 2 is arguably the best game ever made to date. It is a groundbreaking experience in interactive entertainment,” states PC Gamer’s Senior Editor, Chuck Osborn, “While some games have groundbreaking visuals, or intellectually-challenging gameplay, or perhaps a cinematic story with good voice acting, not one has ever delivered the complete package. Half-Life 2 nails it, surpassing the original in every way.”

Damn. Now I really have no way to justify not playing it, which means I’ll be needing a new graphics card. Which means spending yet more money. Ah well, if it has to be done, it has to be done…I’ll be crying in a corner if you need me.

Ok, back now. It’s nearly Christmas! No Jeffersons tree yet, sadly. This is officially the most annoying and addictive game of the week. I think I’ve done well, then I appear about 3 from the bottom! How are these people so good!? I’d be rubbish on countdown. Now I’m hungry.