Level 3!!!

I’ve been trying to get past level 2 since year 9 and I just managed it! Celebrations are in order. This is a momentous day. Year 9. I used to play that game at 17:50 while waiting for the timer to click past 18:00 so I could connect to the internet at cheap rates. Before anyone downloads it and promptly gets to level 3 in a matter of hours, I should point out that I really suck at that game. Like, really. That’s why I’ve persevered for so long, I think. That’s made my week πŸ™‚

In more proof that I have no shame, I took part in the ‘Great British Spelling Test‘ on ITV this evening. Yeah, it’s a stupid show, but you know me and my competitive nature. I got 43/50, which – screw modesty – beat the national average, but Mum beat me by one point. Damn that prerogative. Incidentally for anyone who watched it, their continual bashing of ‘I before E except after C’ was unjustified, as the rule is in fact ‘I before E except after C when the sound is ee’. That works in a far wider set of situations than the former.

I also watched What Not To Wear earlier. I used to really hate that show because the presenters always seemed to be unnecessarily mean, but I have to admit that today’s episode was very good. Trinny and Susannah are, actually, very skilled at what they do, and really seem to have changed their approach. I was very impressed with them, their results, attitude, and, I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind them giving me a bit (ok, a lot) of advice. So I now repent, and apologise for the many (probably snide) remarks I’ve made about them.

I have my OU Astronomy exam at 10:00 – 13:00 tomorrow. I’d forgotten how much revision sucks. I’m actually as worried about getting there as I am about taking the exam. It’s at Birmingham university, and I hate driving into Birmingham. I hate it. I can drive across the US no problem, but Birmingham? I don’t know whether it’s just psychological, but I get scared days in advance. I doubt I’ll sleep much tonight – that’ll make a change πŸ™‚