Death of a Hero

Like cupcakes, I have returned.

I was going to assemble a proper write-up of my trip and have that as the first post, but I picked up the paper this morning to see a picture of Superman above the fold, along with the news that Christopher Reeve had died. That’s terribly, terribly sad. I always thought that one day, be it 20 or 30 years from now, I’d turn on the TV and hear that he’d walked again, like he was always determined to.

I don’t know enough to write effectively about the post-accident results he achieved in stem cell and spinal cord research, but others can. Tributes abound – most websites I visit have something about it. If you’re interested, particularly moving are the cartoon tributes collected by the Superman Homepage – no direct link, it’s currently their top item.

I grew up watching Christoper Reeve on video and TV and you all know of my ensuing love of Superman. I bought the movie DVD box-set as soon as it was available. I collect the comics. His portrayal inspired me to be a better person, literally. There are worse ways to live your life than asking ‘what would Superman do in this situation?’. His real life took a tragic turn, but he fought on, never giving up. The last time I saw him was a very cool cameo in Smallville where he advised the young Clark Kent – all the time he was on screen the background music subtley played the familiar Superman refrain. He was a true hero in fiction and reality. May he forever fly.